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Thread: How did I miss this OC event?

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    How did I miss this OC event?

    Didn't even hear about it until I stumbled across this article. It's even in my neck of the woods. Would have been there in a heartbeat if I had known. Anyone on here attend?

    Toast, eggs and guns highlight Open Carry Breakfast in Greeley

    An Open Carry Breakfast at The Ranch on Saturday invited gun owners to enjoy breakfast and raise awareness of Colorado law and Second Amendment Rights.

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    No, I didn't hear/know anything about it, either.

    Besides in a newspaper, someone in the Greeley area should also post OC events up there here in the Colorado state sub-forum, in the "Colorado Events" thread (at the very top).

    There may be some Northern Colorado OCDO members here who would then see it and attend.
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    I confess, I would have gone for the food alone. Of course, I would have carried.


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    Members from "The Other Board" use to have semi-regular OC meet-n-greets; I imagine it is the old crew continuing a tradition. As I am on the Western Slope I'm not sure how they are maintaining the information flow.

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