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Thread: Booted out of Lesiglative Office Bldg in Hartford - 4 passing out lit

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    Booted out of Lesiglative Office Bldg in Hartford - 4 passing out lit

    A boring day at the Capitol Complex today .. until I got there of course.

    First, trying to get into the parking garage a little altercation with the soldiers of the armory who think that they can block traffic for 15 minutes....

    Anywho, I get into the legislative office building [aka LOB] over near room 1800.

    Now there is a checkpoint for us lowly citizens but I just go inside and do not proceed to the checkpoint; I'm there to provide literature to other citizens informing them that the checkpoints violate the 4th amendment and our open meetings law.

    A slow day ... maybe 1 person going in every 3 minutes ... but I hand out literature to about 5 people when the Capitol Police come and tell me I cannot hand out lit there.

    So I ask if I can do so beyond the checkpoint ... nope.

    No literature can be handed out inside the Capitol said Sgt. Barter. So I go outside for a while...handed out lit for 1/2 hour (even to some kids on a school field trip).

    I'm also at the LOB to chk on a record request ... so into the bldg I go. After chking on my record request I go to the senate & house offices and file complaints about both the checkpoints and also the new issue of 1st amendment violation of not allowing literature being handed out at the LOB.

    From there I go to the Office of Legislative Management [OLM] ... I have a short visit with James Tracy about the 1st amendment issue [he's well aware of my objection to the checkpoints ~~ and according to records obtained, he wanted to really mess w/visitors to the LOB during the gun task force time period]. Yet he could not ID any authority (and he did not even know they the police were acting as they did) to disallow the distribution of political pamphlets to people inside the LOB. So he is going to check into this and get back to me.

    I see another Capitol Policeman, Ofr. Lombardi, who says that political lit can be distributed inside the LOB if permission is gotten from James Tracy. So a different answer than Sgt. Mr. Lombardi notes its in the legislative guide....(I looked and could not find any reference to allow for the violation of my fist amendment rights).

    So, off to the Gov's office...meeting with Trooper Nickelson (sp?). He saw an issue with the capitol police and the 1st amendment in respect to handing out lit ....

    So I ask the trooper if his dept. would protect me from the Capitol Police...he laughed a little and said that he would look into the issue and get back to me.

    From there, out of the LOB to review records at another agency in Hartford...and the end of my day in Hartford...

    So lots of people involved now with the first amendment issue of handing out political lit inside the LOB.

    Now I routinely swap lit with people, usually in committee meetings or outside meeting rooms w/o incident.

    I could always just talk to people about the illegal checkpoints too ~ last time I did that, a Capitol policeman cam over and told me I could not do that ~ I suggested he arrest me or leave me alone (and he left me alone).

    All these thugs just follow orders w/o concern for anyone's rights .... I told a few that that was a Nuremberg defense....

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    After contacting folks regarding booting me out - requiring me to be outside the bldg to hand out political literature ... I contacted Chief Lee and spoke to him.

    He stated that the cops told me I could not hand out lit near the checkpoints but elsewhere inside was recordings clearly note that no lit inside, anywhere, could be those cops lied.

    So the cops KNEW that they were violating my 1st amendment rights !

    I wrote to the Chief after out conversation and provided him a copy of the audio...and copied various other gov't officials.

    I'll be preparing a lawsuit...

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