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Thread: Birmingham criminals using 19th Century firearms according to weapons experts

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    Birmingham criminals using 19th Century firearms according to weapons experts

    Desperate Birmingham crooks are using antique, century-old pistols, say forensic experts leading the fight against gun crime.

    Scientists at a secret Birmingham lab tracking the use of firearms across the country have told the Mail the use of modified Baikal gas-powered guns is decreasing.

    Criminals are instead relying on plundered war trophies and collectible weapons, sometimes more than 100 years old.

    The “shared” firearms have become the weapon of choice for crooks as modern weapons become more expensive and harder to get hold of.

    During the 2011 Birmingham riots a St Etienne revolver - used by the French military in 1892 - was fired at the West Midlands Police helicopter outside the Barton Arms, Newtown.

    My old city is seeing just how 'effective' gun control is. But then the country is a socialist cesspool that makes the Democrats look Conservative
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    what a pity they didn't shoot down the helicopter ..

    West Midlands Police are the ones who caused 6 innocent men to be locked up for life in 1975, simply because they were Irish, before they were eventually acquitted in 1991, compensation payouts ranged from £840k to £1.2m each,
    then "investigated" the behavior of South Yorkshire Police in the Hillsborough Stadium Disaster in 1989 (something I was personally involved in, and the backstory to my avatar), an investigation in which it has recently been proved they altered witness testimonies.

    So, yeah, it is a pity it wasn't shot down
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