I'm struck by the lurid details of I-594 in Washington state, which if I know Boobus Amerikanus, will pass handily.

The average Amerikan does not understand (or has even heard) that there is no difference in possessing or peaceably carrying a piece of gum, a shoe, a pencil, a tire, a light bulb, a wrench, or a machine gun. You have as much a right to a machine gun as a head of cauliflower grown in your back yard because as human beings we ought to have a right to our lives and property. But we have a "right to bear arms" in our Constitutional Republic because there is a strong tendency for malignant, controlling, and ignorant Boobs to control others. It's in our DNA. Therefore, we tried to recognize certain rights that some people will want to take away from others. The right to bear arms is one such right. The boobs of Washington state, being funded by sadistic billionaires obviously have never heard the saying "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner"? Really? Freaking pathetic. They get what they deserve. Even the state's top cops (haters of individual freedoms by definition) are blasting it.