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Thread: Post your memories of Jeff Cooper.

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    Post your memories of Jeff Cooper.

    On 22 April 2000 GrassRoots South Carolina (later GrassRoots Gun Rights South Carolina) hosted Col. Cooper and his wife and daughter at a celebration of his Eightieth Birthday

    The newsletter announcing the event.

    I attended with my ailing (ex)FiL on my arm. I won none of the raffles but did enjoy an extended conversation circle with Col. Cooper and attended the dinner. I donated the TV console (remember the behemoths?) that stood-in for the media, tried in absentia and sentenced to death by gunfire - from the GE minigun.

    Apropos his precepts of gun safety, vastly discussed here, I remember hearing slightly different statements of them, different from those on-line dated 2003. His statements were made in the conversation circle of perhaps a dozen elderly peer gentlemen, that included my FiL for whom I related the conversations that he couldn't hear.

    I remember Col. Cooper as being a particularly well spoken gentleman and not speaking in the terms so often quoted as from him.

    At the time of the newsletter I lived in Mt. Pleasant mentioned on page 8.
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    Sounds like a wonderful event, Nightmare. Would have been nice to meet him.

    In 1989, I ran across Chuck Yeager towards the back of a hardware store along Route 50 in California. My friend and I had just entered Nav School at Mather AFB, just outside Sacramento. All we had on us was our recall rosters. He gladly autographed those. Still have it, somewhere.
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