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Thread: Hackers Target NRA Leader Ahead of Wash. State Gun Control Vote

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    Hackers Target NRA Leader Ahead of Wash. State Gun Control Vote

    NRA leader's Facebook account, cell phone targeted by unknown entity

    The head of the NRA’s push against Initiative 594, Washington state’s restrictive gun control measure, says her phone and Facebook account were targeted by hackers only days before the election.

    Adina Hicks, the NRA’s Field Representative for the Vote No on I-594 campaign, left a message on her new Facebook account after her prior account was rendered inoperable.


    “Just so you all know, the reason you are receiving new friend requests is that my account was hacked and hijacked,” Hicks said. “I am sure by the pro-594 people that must have felt our grassroots movement had a powerful presence on FB.”

    Speaking exclusively with Infowars, Hicks stated that she had received a suspicious activity notification from Facebook after her account was accessed from an unknown IP address in New Jersey. Shortly after, her account password was changed, locking her out of her account indefinitely.

    Losing more than 800 Facebook friends, the attack dealt a noticeable blow to her personal momentum.

    Hicks, who has never before experienced such an incident, also revealed that text messages with strange download links began appearing on her phone as well. Despite the texts appearing to come from close friends, Hicks says her friends denied ever sending them at all.

    Other members of the campaign also ran into issues with Facebook, receiving strikes for alleged offenses such as copyright infringement.

    Despite attempts by the unknown malicious actor, the campaign has received massive grassroots support in the face of billionaire-funded opposition.

    Noted anti-Second Amendment advocates, including Bill Gates, have spent millions on the I-594 campaign, with more than $10 million coming from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg alone.

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    not the first time the bloomberg campaign used criminal tactics. they got caught and arrested stealing campaign signs, now this. it's amazing how dirty they will play to get their way.

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    Alex Jones scooped Dave Workman. Ha ha.

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