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Thread: Carry close to a school.

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    Carry close to a school.

    I am a volunteer fireman, our station is like 300 yards away from a school, Roughly 500 foot from another school at its closest part. Where I am a fireman, our station has no policy against carry while at the station. Where it is so close to a school, does that factor in if we are allowed to or not? Here is a picture taken from our station in the direction of the school. Between the station and school is a softball field and football field. Is that any way considered a factor?Click image for larger version. 

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    Carrying with a CCDW

    A few years back, a good friend that I worked with, used to go walking through downtown Prestonsburg after we got off work at midnight. This walk lead us directly by a high school and yes, I used to open carry in an IWB Galco holster as it was after midnight and we would usually encounter some seriously freaky and weird late night characters on some of our late night outings. It the daylight hours when we'd go walking, we'd cross the main road to the far side away from the school for good measure as walking by a bunch of teachers and school kids is not something that I wished to do, we weren't looking to "make a scene" or draw unneeded attention.

    The point is that we were a lot closer to the school than you are with those two schools. If you have your CCDW then just be careful and you should be fine. If you're carrying concealed, all the better!

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    I thought you could have a gun on school property if you were picking up your kids and it stayed in the car. If you leave your car then you are in violation. That is the State law, isnt it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gutshot View Post
    A police officer that goes to the school to pick up his children is in violation.
    Explain please.
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