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Thread: found handgun in inlaws basement

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    found handgun in inlaws basement

    lets say I am cleaning out in-laws basement after they passed away. I would like to keep the Davis industry 22lr derringer. What do I need to do doubt it was ever registered? any and all help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    If they are dead ....

    The son/daughter may have the right to perform a record request (Personal Act request/not FOIA) with DESPP and ask to inspect any gun records in their name....I would imagine that any gun, if "registered" would be under the male's name. Registration of the gun would have been voluntary.

    Under the new PA13-3 and PA13-220 ... you may find answers

    Do you have a carry permit or eligibility certificate? One of these may be "needed" under the law ...

    Or did your in-laws gift you the gun prior to PA13-3 being passed? Then PA13-3 / PA13-220 would not apply...and you would have to look at the law prior to the passage of those two abortions.

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    found handgun in inlaws basement

    There is no registration requirement. Follow standard inheritance laws and firearms laws.

    If they are recently passed and there is an estate executor, they should be able to answer the rest of the questions.
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