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    Michigan OC

    Hey guys! So I'm not a CPL holder because I'm 19 however I'm a legal firearm owner. My parents and most family members are CPL holders however since the rules are different for OC without a CPL I have a few questions. I know I can carry in most any public place and places such as malls, stores, etc as long as there are no policies or postings against it. And I understand that to OC is public schools you need a CPL. However I do have a few questions.
    1) Can I open carry in restaurants (Applebee's, outback, etc) that serve alcohol?

    2) can I OC in places that are licensed under an FFL? (can I carry a firearm into a Dunham's, dicks, cabelas?) I wondered if since they're federally licensed if somehow they have to follow federal gun jurisdiction.

    3) Is OC really worth it? I understand what's legal and what isn't but I'm concerned that I'll end up getting arrested for violating some obscure law since it seems most people frown on OC.

    Thanks guys hope these questions aren't too dumb but I've been researching and talking to law enforcement agents for weeks before I think about walking out of the house with a gun.

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    Welcome, and you might want to post this in the MI sub-forum. In WA you can go into a restaurant that serves alcohol, just not in the 21 and over only area. No federal law about not carrying in an FFL. I carry in Cabelas, and all my favorite gun shops. That said, any private business can have a "no gun" rule. In some states the signs carry the weight of law, other states like WA you can post all the signs you want and they mean nothing legally. Again, check the MI forum my knowledge is based on WA laws.
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    OP, you will find a couple of responses on the Michigan forum, and likely more coming.
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