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Thread: Obama says Loretta Lynch AG designate will carry on equal justice.

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    Obama says Loretta Lynch AG designate will carry on equal justice.

    "Loretta doesn't look to make headlines, she looks to make a difference," Obama said, offering an explanation why she's largely unknown in Washington outside legal circles. "She's not about splash, she is about substance."

    Let's see how she makes justice for Bundy Cobb of Douglasville, Georgia (ordered to remove NRA logoed cap to vote) equal to that for voter intimidation by the NBPP in full clan regalia.

    New attorney general must shun Holder’s naked partisanship: The president may be trying to cultivate a taste for humble pie

    The test of such partisanship for Republicans will come when Sen. Mitch McConnell becomes the majority leader in January. He’ll have to decide whether to set aside the “nuclear option” rules that Senate Democrats wrote to enable Mr. Obama to install highly partisan nominees by a simple majority vote, contrary to long-held Senate tradition.

    A test of the nuclear option is in order, Obama will be a good target.
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    I saw her under a bridge when I traveled through NY recently ... she's a commie troll

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    To date, she appears as bad as, if not worse than holder. She's already pulled the race card.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    "Carry on"?? Carry on means to continue something as one was doing... did it start again since Jan 21 2008?
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