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Thread: Gauging interest

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    Gauging interest

    Nothing planned, and very extremely preliminary. Who would be interested in a meetup immediately following with a pistol tourney at the colosprgs shooting range? Bring your own ammo/rangefees? Ideas?
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    Build it and they will come.

    Indicated interest or lack of it is representative of nothing.

    If only 2 or 3 were to participate, it would be a success. Meeting people face-to face is far superior to the incomplete, impersonal image projected on the web.

    Go for it.
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    Post the five Ws and entice people with a friendly wager (bragging rights for the top shot). People will come, and even if only one or two people come to your event, you've already doubled or tripled the size of your OC meet-ups.
    Seemed to work here in AZ, and it was summer!
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    I'd be downm

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