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Thread: Buffalo, NY: registration leads to confiscation

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    Buffalo, NY: registration leads to confiscation


    There's a law in NY state that when a permit holder dies, the family has 2 weeks to transfer ownership of their registered firearms to another permit holder, or sell them to an FFL, or give them to police to hold (for up to 2 years) while someone who was supposed to inherit them tries to get a permit & register the guns to him/herself.

    Buffalo police are now comparing death notices to registered firearms owners, then going to the house to demand the family turn over the property.

    Registration leads to confiscation!

    (Of course, all the family member has to say is that they were turned in during a no-tell "gun buyback".)

    News story:

    FB post, in which the comments include the text of the law:

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    The Mayor says they are going to the families and asking for "unwanted guns".

    “If they’re working, if they’re lethal, if they’re unwanted, we need to get them out of the homes,” said Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown (D) of the buyback program, now in its seventh year.

    My reply? Get lost. I don't know if I believe that. I haven't read anything to the contrary.

    I guess if they could prove you had guns, you'd have to get a permit.

    Here's the article I read.
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