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Thread: An urgent need to raise historical literacy.

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    An urgent need to raise historical literacy.

    We must do a better job. If children fail to learn American history, they cannot possibly understand the rights and values that make America a great country today.

    That’s why it’s more important now than ever to find creative ways to introduce young people to American history. In [Mrs. Newt Gingrich's] “From Sea to Shining Sea,” Ellis the Elephant joins the Lewis and Clark expedition as they venture west into unknown territory. Ellis helps children see that courage matters, having big dreams matters, and patriotism matters.

    History is written by the victors, like Rush Limbaugh and Callista Gingrich, while Dinesh D'Souza dodges prison. Beware The Poverty of Historicism (Karl Popper, 1957, Routledge)
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    It could be said that history is yesterdays news...what is important is what news will be made tomorrow. Just as our rights are not subject to the vote, history is written after the fact.
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    It can't be impossible to understand the rights and values that make America a great country today without learning American history, else how did anyone know or learn of them before America's founding? Give your loved ones a clear and direct education on fundamental principles. If history can be used to that end, great.
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