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Thread: Humm How too

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    Humm How too

    Can anyone point me in the right direction plz and ty
    I am waiting to take my Ccw course in Nebraska sarpy
    county till then I want to Open carry
    correctly meaning is it legal to carry condition 1 ?? Or 0 [emoji41]
    I can't see anything on line about it I know in Omaha u need a carry permit to OC
    and in Lincoln same but Sarpy u don't woohoo me any help would be awesome ty[emoji102]
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    Asked a moderator to move this to your state forum, since you're asking state-specific questions, not questions which pertain to the forum in which you've originally posted.

    I also suggest browsing your state forum, since your questions have likely already been answered. is also a good resource

    ETA: and if you could put that into English so people can be sure of what you're asking, that would be a big help.
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