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Thread: How Milwaukee Went Soft on Crime. Politico Magazine

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    How Milwaukee Went Soft on Crime. Politico Magazine

    "Gordon is 46 now, a deputy inspector with the Milwaukee Police Department, but he still remembers the strangers with badges who took pleasure in hazing black kids like him, who looked at people in this community as mere statistics, who didn’t seem to care. He also remembers kids who never made it into adulthood because they got lost in the life of the streets. “Three of my friends were killed in one summer—1988,” he says. “Two were shot. One was strangled by her pimp. … So many kids grow up in neighborhoods with so many landmines. So much depends on where you happen to step.”

    That was when Milwaukee was Killwaukee, one of America’s most dangerous cities as well as one of its poorest. When crack cocaine was just beginning to take hold and murders were about to hit an all-time high."

    Sheriff David Clarke on fighting crime: Get rid of ‘data-driven crap’
    I am responsible for my writing, not your understanding of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    Sheriff David Clarke on fighting crime: Get rid of ‘data-driven crap’

    From the article
    Milwaukee’s tough-talking Sheriff David Clarke

    And that's all he does: TALK!

    Second largest law enforcement agency in the county. But ask the district attorney and you'll learn that only 2% of all criminal prosecution are brought by the Sheriffs office.

    Clarke babbles on and criticizes other departments and pols, but he's done nothing proactive to fight crime. He has gutted the patrol sector, vice units, and special services bureaus. He has reduced sworn deputies by 66%. He did this under the guise of "doing more with less" but then goes over budget every year with massive amounts of overtime due to understaffing caused by him!

    The public, especially conservative talk radio fans, love to hear him talk his game. But if they ever actually pulled their heads out of their rear ends they would see his actual effectiveness is a big fat goose egg!

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    Maybe when he was a kid he shouldn't have been running around strangling girls.

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