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Thread: Interesting airport trespass case. Airport 1st, 4th A. case to go forward. Volokh

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    Interesting airport trespass case. Airport 1st, 4th A. case to go forward. Volokh

    Airport First and Fourth Amendment claim may go forward By Eugene Volokh

    So holds the New York intermediate appellate court in today’s Brown v. Hoffman; the heart of the case is a dispute about what the plaintiff said and did, and it may well be that the defendant deputy sheriff is correct in his factual claims. But the case still struck me as an interesting illustration of how these sorts of claims — even in airports — are to be decided:

    Involving agency, rights, battery, color of law.
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    would have been prudent for 'Deputy w swagger' to call for a supv to back him up and try it again before cuffing her. What kind of Cust Svc do you expect from US Air???

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    Thanks for posting this story .. I had the same thing happen to me at a local University when I was performing a records search...except that I simply left and filed a complaint that they violated our FOIA laws by not producing the record (this guy's purpose for being there was different but the actions were the same ).

    And I followed up and got the trespass order of the police rescinded and said that I could continue my record request activities. Mighty nice of them.

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