The Nashville-based company 2nd Vote offers a free app that allows consumers to check a companyís score on a liberal-to-conservative scale of 1 to 5. The ratings, which can be accessed via smartphone or the Internet, are based on the businessís direct and indirect donations to advocacy groups, as well as corporate sponsorships, lobbying efforts and company policies.
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The rankings are based on six policy categories: gun rights, education, corporate welfare, the environment, marriage and abortion. And there are a few surprises, such as the liberal 1.3 rating earned by Wal-Mart, whose founding Walton family has been associated with conservative causes. [ my emphasis ]

The rating is based largely on Wal-Martís sponsorship of the left-wing Center for American Progress, which released a list of its corporate sponsors in December 2013. Pegging Wal-Mart as a supporter of the left may sound like heresy, but, ďWe kind of have to call it like we see it,Ē Mr. Walker said. Bwahaha! Eschew BigBox stores, shop Mom&Pop.