Police say complying with blanket requests for body camera footage presents a huge burden, because many videos must be selectively blurred or muted to protect sensitive information before they can be released to the public.

I just got done with 3 FOIA appeal cases in a superior court. CT is similar to WA records laws where a person does not have to ID himself (I don't see where a guy providing ID or not relates to the burden of giving access to records).

But one of the reasons for not following the FOI laws given in the 3 cases of mine was that it would create an over-burden to the agencies. Court ruled each time, it does not matter ~ its a public record, cough it up!
If they feel overburdened then the relief is to seek more resources, not to ignore the request and not provide the records.

Public officials know of the burdens of the records laws when they decide to create more records .... to now claim that its a burden is axiomatic.

But this will be a reason why many will not put cameras onto cops.