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Thread: May Be Moving To NC from GA

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    May Be Moving To NC from GA

    Howdy folks. I may take a job in the Hickory area if it is offered to me. I wanted to go ahead and start reading up on the laws, do's and dont's. Lots to learn and get use to compared to Georgia. I have been Openly Carrying in Ga now for almost 8 years with no ill-effects but one must have a carry license.

    Noticed that local cities, towns and counties can control the method. Any laws that you know of for the surrounding cities and counties for Hickory? Any local regulations for carrying to or on the Hickory airport?


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    An advance welcome, SavvyJack!.

    While Mcbeth's reference may keep you out of trouble, NC law has changed three times since that issue. I suggest you post on the NC subforum and read/download the sticky at the top of that page.

    For specific firearms questions in the community, either ask within the NC section or go to the municode site for the ordinances. Example: in your search engine, type in "Code of ordinances for Hickory NC". For some reason most firearms ordinances are under Recreation (although not all).

    Here is the shortcut I use to get to Chapter 14 of the General Statutes (Criminal Law):

    Just wade on through......

    Biggest difference in OC is that no permit or ID needed to do so. If out walking, I try not to carry anything for ID; I also OC so that I don't have to inform that I am CC (and must have the permit and ID with me).

    PM sent.

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    if you haven't shot yourself from boredom after reading BC's NC statute's what the NC AG says about firearms in general...btw tis geared toward CHP but provides a great deal of info about xportation of firearms in vehicles.

    welcome to NC.

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