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Thread: Palmer files a motion for Summary Affirmance

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    Palmer files a motion for Summary Affirmance

    From my newly created Palmer v. DC appeal webpage:

    Palmer v. DC Appeal No.: 14-7180
    This is an appeal of the judgment in Palmer v. District of Columbia 1:09-cv-01482-FJS.

    Update November 23, 2014 - I have created this page to keep track of the appeal of the judgment by Judge Scullin which overturned DC’s ban on carrying firearms in public (openly and concealed). On 11-19-2014, Palmer filed an Appellee’s Motion for Summary Affirmance which is “A declaration by an appellate court that a judgment, order, or decree of a lower court that has been brought before it for review is valid and will be upheld.” If granted then there will not be merit briefs filed or oral arguments.

    These motions are not unheard of but are somewhat rare. A quick search reveals that two were granted in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals this year.
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    So if his motion is denied, can Gura appeal the denial to the Supreme Court, or does he have to wait two or three years for the case to be heard in the circuit court?
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