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Thread: OPEN CARRIER Spotted in Ferguson

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    OPEN CARRIER Spotted in Ferguson

    It appears at least one shop owner in Ferguson, Missouri decided he wasn’t just going to leave his store for the violent crowds last night.
    In a recorded video from VICE News, a man can be seen walking around inside of a shop wearing a clearly visible, holstered handgun.
    Even as other businesses are set on fire very close to this shop, protestors seem to pass it over.

    Open Carry IS a deterrent.

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    I don't get why ALL the businesses weren't guarded and in-force...they had PLENTY of time to prepare, as EVERYONE knew what was going to happen.

    Even the cops let their cars get burned, and now the taxpayers will have to buy new ones. Once again -- as I posted before -- all that "display of force" was just that, mere window-dressing & posing: They still let the looting and burning go on as they did last time.

    And now the pansy Governor Dixon is (once again) talking tough (HE didn't prepare properly either) and even acts surprised at the violence as "it was more than last time" -- how INEPT can he get!


    So MORE talk, and NO action. No wonder none of the criminal "protestors" fear any of "the authorities" in Ferguson -- or the National Guard. Probably the only "representatives" of law & order they DO fear is the armed citizen...hence, that's probably the MAIN reason the "protestors" don't go into residential neighborhoods to loot & burn. But they sure don't fear the cops.

    And then there was the Ferguson business-owner (black, IIRC) who refused to board up his business because "he had faith in his community."

    What a clueless chump -- it got looted anyway.
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    OC is legal on private property, not just inside the structure, in Missouri. Please note the few media videos where citizens were outside the tattoo parlor (other businesses?) with pistols, sporting rifles (AKs/ARs), and shotguns, in hand. The legality of in hand for the weapons depends on how a cop would interpret the "handling" of the weapons. What I saw were muzzles down for the long guns and pistols were also held with the muzzle down.

    Nothing illegal about that.
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