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Thread: 10,000 is being offered as a reward to good police officers...

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    10,000 is being offered as a reward to good police officers...

    We’ve got a deal for you. We just ask that you complete two tasks. NOTE: this is not spam, we’re really putting up our own cash for this challenge.

    The first task is incredibly easy. For the first task all you have to do is acknowledge that a good person is someone who, at a bare minimum, does not routinely engage in acts like armed theft, kidnapping, extortion, coercion, and the initiation of violent force upon innocent people.

    Simply send us an email acknowledging that you agree with this fact. You’re now half-way to $10,000.

    The second task is perhaps more difficult. In fact it might be impossible. Thousands of Americans have tried to accomplish this second task but they’ve all lost hope. But maybe you can do it.

    For your second task, we ask that you find us just one currently active cop who meets the following requirements, all of which are consistent with the very minimal definition of a good person outlined above. Find one currently active cop who has:

    (1) Never taken people against their will, locked people in cages, or extorted money from people for a victimless “crime” like carrying marijuana, that is, who has never participated in the War on Drugs.

    (2) Never accepted a government paycheck to enforce the rule of corrupt politicians.

    (3) Never stolen money from hard-working Americans in the form of “traffic tickets” in order to generate revenue for a government.

    (4) Always used his training to actively speak out against and arrest officers who abuse citizens, to the best of his ability.

    Find just one active cop who meets those four requirements and we’ll concede that it is not inherently immoral to be a member of the modern state-monopolized US police force — and then we’ll send you $10,000.
    I know that there are good police officers on this forum and they deserve some extra cash for the holidays.
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    Backing up over the Forum Rules has the same effect as throwing them under the bus while traveling in the other direction.

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