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Thread: Shelby County Schools - Gun Ban

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    Shelby County Schools - Gun Ban

    Is Shelby County still in the business of thumbing its nose at state preemption and forbidding lawful carry of firearms on school property?

    If so, are there any lawsuits in progress?

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    Probably and no.

    There is an issue in secondary and post-secondary education because under certain provisions of a federal law, there are requirements that x, y, and z -- all objects -- and a, b, and c -- all behaviors -- be prohibited or prevented. The Department of Education of Alabama has taken the position that one blanket statement covers both of those, and has applied it to both secondary and post-secondary education without distinction or qualification. The AG provided an opinion which is somewhat ambiguous, as many of Big Luther's opinions have been -- typically favoring whoever is asking the question, while dodging all around the issue or question being asked.

    It would take a test case to many any progress on these, and people are loathe to be that test case and put up with five years of infringed rights.
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