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Thread: Dept of Justice SAIC acknowledged making, selling guns without a license

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    Dept of Justice SAIC acknowledged making, selling guns without a license

    Department of Justice ... former DCI Special Agent in Charge Jay Smith acknowledged in an email to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that he had made and sold guns for others but said, “I have never made a profit on selling any of my firearms. Any firearm I have ever sold (with one exception I told you about) has been to my brother, or a brother law enforcement officer, well known to me,” Smith wrote in the March 11, 2013, email to ATF Special Agent Dave Nygren. “As they were sold to brothers, I was happy to merely recoup the money I had in it, and pass on a good deal.””
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    One can build and sell guns w/o a certain instances.

    Need more information to see if what he did was illegal.

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    Sounds illegal.

    Nothing wrong with making a gun. Even selling it for a profit. But making one with the intention of selling it (profit irrelevant) is no least according to what they say publicly.
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