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Thread: Anonymous tip lines for guns? MD & NY - a perfect storm

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    Anonymous tip lines for guns? MD & NY - a perfect storm

    Folks in those states should have notices of trespass issued against LEO depts....or they'll have cops knocking on the doors demanding entry etc.

    Its totally retarded .... its like swatting folks to the max

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post

    “If the information leads to an arrest for the illegal possession of a firearm, the ‘tipster’ will be awarded $500,” the post concludes.

    Clear Channel and Metro Crime Stoppers have teamed up on a “gun tip hotline,” to “get the illegal, functioning fire arms off the streets of Baltimore City,” NBC’s WBAL TV 11 reported Tuesday. The program will reward anonymous tipsters with $500 for each “illegal” gun recovered, and $500 for each felony arrest.

    "This is to promote a gun bounty program that Metro Crime Stoppers is promoting and it’s asking people to turn in their guns,"

    Bunch of pikers! Calls to Crime Stoppers offer up to $1,000 for info that leads to an arrest. Gun snitching in an "arsenal" in NY still only gets $500. At least MD offers a chance to make as much gun-snitching as by using Crime Stoppers.

    stay safe.
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