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Thread: Time to treat 1A like they treat 2A?

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    Time to treat 1A like they treat 2A?


    Is it time to treat the First Amendment just like the Second?

    Two stories in today’s Seattle Times best illustrate the hypocrisy of the political left when it comes to the exercise of civil rights – in this case the First Amendment – and might provide an object lesson to anyone favoring restrictions on the Second Amendment.

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    Even simpler than that, we keep hearing the anti's talk about the technology, i.e. the 2A was written when a muzzle loader was the technology, yet they are spewing this ignorance through electronic media where they can reach millions of people instantly. When the 1A was written, the largest audience was how many people can gather in one place, and still hear the unamplified voice of the person exercising their 1A rights.

    The technology that contributes to the 1A rights has increased the power (or abuse) of the spoken word, exponentially many more times than technology has increased the power (or abuse) of 2A rights.

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