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Thread: Gun control fails to protect Willy Wonka!

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    Gun control fails to protect Willy Wonka!

    Hostages Taken at Australian Chocolate Shop.


    How is this happening in the gun controlled land down under?

    Oh, wait. Gun control doesn't thwart crime ANYWHERE! When will people get that through their skulls full of creamy nugget?

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    He had a pump-action shotgun, which requires a special license. On top of that he was out on bail for accessory to murder and over 40 sexual assaults. And now there's talks to further tighten the gun laws

    For those that don't know how it ended, the manager, who was incredibly brave I must say, tried to wrestle the gun from him, and was overpowered and shot dead. The gun was then turned on another hostage, who was shot and killed, before police stormed the building. The POS was killed and a police officer, along with three other hostages were wounded in the subsequent shootout (close to 100 rounds fired).
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