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Thread: BamaCarry, INC local chapter operation "Santa Clause"

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    BamaCarry, INC local chapter operation "Santa Clause"

    Open Carry Tuscaloosa leader member, Paul Arnold, came up with the idea to raise a little money to help out a needy family. We talked about it and wondered if we might raise $200 or $500. We just didn't know. After contacting the Sprayberry Center here in Tuscaloosa we were advised of a family that really needed some help. We surely sold the members of our local group short. (I'm sorry for that) No only did the group raise that much, we surpassed it handily. With a final monetary number of $1,680.00 plus other donations we were blown away. Please click the link for the local news story on it. They didn't get our name right but it's not really about us anyways. It's about helping others. Merry Christmas guys!!
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    Nice job. Helping our fellow man is much in the spirit of Christmas.

    Doing something similar in Va informally for a man in a wheelchair who survives on minimal Soc. Sec.

    Don't know that we will reach that level of contributions, but expect we shall make a positive difference.

    Everyday, in so many ways, people here make me proud to be a member. Thanks.
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