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Thread: Seattle "elites" vs. their bodyguards -- get your popcorn and watch the I-594 show

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    Seattle "elites" vs. their bodyguards -- get your popcorn and watch the I-594 show


    aegis11 4 hours ago


    There is an organization, the WA State Security Council which as I understand it will be asking for an exemption for the industry when the Legislators convene on the 12th of January:

    I figured one of the 2nd amendment organizations would have filed an injunction while they figured things out in the courts but they've been down this road before therefore are in a much better position to conduct damage control.
    Viper6Niner 3 hours ago

    @aegis11 @Viper6Niner We will see. Any challenges to change this law are going to see Mothers Demand Action bankrolling via Bloomberg, a huge opposition despite the fact that these hypocrite drones have armed security. They actually detest the very people that protect them. This is not a new thing with these kind of people. Why do you think groups like the Oathkeepers even exist?

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    I heard about this the other day. Nice, and this is my county.

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    Legislators can't do anything to change it for 2 years unless they have a super majority vote, which I don't think they would get.
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