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Thread: Fake police officers invade home, shoot resident in the head

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    Fake police officers invade home, shoot resident in the head

    Fake police officers invade home, shoot resident in the head

    No Knock "real" police, or another gang.

    How is ANY American to know?????

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    I'm not really up to date on recent home invasion tactics but if I would imagine it's a very useful tactic the way people are conditioned.
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    I'm from Chicago and remember the St. Valentine's Day Massacre ... just yelling police? lol

    Authorities said the criminals screamed "police" as they demanded property.

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    In Virginia there's a thing called, "Defense of Habitation."
    Sic semper evello mortem tyrannis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stealthyeliminator
    So in actuality you have no evidence that anything wrong took place, you only believe that it could be spun to appear wrong. But it hasn't been. The truth has a funny way of coming out with persistence, even if it was spun negatively the truth would find its way because these people will not accept less.
    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingWolf View Post
    The truth causes some people so much pain they can only respond with impotent laughable insults. Life must be rough for those people.

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    More info is needed. This story does not, at this time, pass the smell test.
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