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Thread: best de-leading agent for barrel?

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    best de-leading agent for barrel?

    A friend is wondering what to buy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MKEgal View Post
    A friend is wondering what to buy.
    I use all-copper "Chore Boy" brand pot scrubbers. Start unwinding the copper "yarn" and wind it around a worn bronze brush to make a nice tight fit in the bore. After cleaning the carbon fouling with solvent, run the Chore Boy brush through a few times to clean out the lead.

    Also, if he is getting a lot of lead fouling, he probably needs to adjust the load (if handloading) or try another brand if using factory. Proper sizing of the bullet to the bore is crucial, as is bullet hardness.
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    Lewis Lead Remover is a great mechanical method.

    Lead-Away cloths cut into patches that fit tight in the bore do a good chemical cleaning, but I've found them better if used behind the Lewis Lead Remover.

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    Liberty Lubricants solvent gets the lead and carbon out - have found nothing comparable. My son tells me it's great for black powder guns too.
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    I use Safari Charlie Gun Lube. It's not only one of the best cleaners I've used for carbon and lead deposits, but it's a dry lube that bonds to the metal. After one cleaning you'll notice much less build-up making future cleanings very easy.

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