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Thread: Gilberton PD Chief Kessler entrapped right-wing extremists, ratted them to FBI, PSP

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    Gilberton PD Chief Kessler entrapped right-wing extremists, ratted them to FBI, PSP

    A former small-town Pennsylvania police chief who posted online videos of himself ranting obscenely about liberals and the Second Amendment while shooting automatic weapons secretly fed information on people he considered militia members, anti-government extremists and so-called "sovereign citizens" to the FBI and state police, according to documents he showed to The Associated Press.

    Ex-chief says video rants meant to snare threats
    Kessler said that individuals advocating insurrection and violence contacted him as a result of the videos, and he saw them as a threat and had a responsibility to report them to federal and state authorities. He said heís going public now because he wants to reclaim his reputation. Kessler retired from the police department last February in a settlement with borough officials, who intended to fire him after the videos emerged. The ex-lawman had private Facebook communications that he shared via email with the state and the FBI, according to documents viewed by AP. The agentsí names were redacted by Kessler. 23 articles
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    Folks who really are really wacko may just hunt this guy down. If you are going to act this way, advertising it is not smart.

    Happy Holidays moron ! Sleep tight.

    Also, it seems like he is a wacko himself who then turned turncoat to save his pension....just MO of course.

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