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Thread: Where do they get these guys?

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    Where do they get these guys?

    RE: the latest shooting in Missouri of an armed criminal by an officer.

    According to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar, ....................
    Belmar said the suspect’s “defaced” 9 mm gun “had five rounds in the chamber and one round in the magazine.”
    Wondering if this guy has actually ever SEEN a firearm, much less fired one.
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    According to St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar....

    Belmar said the suspect’s “defaced” 9 mm gun “had five rounds in the chamber and one round in the magazine.”

    It could be that the chief just misspoke and the reporter wrote what he actually said. Or the reporter simply made an error in writing. We'll never know.

    But I understood what the gist of the statement meant to provide.

    What is meant by "defaced" is a bigger concern to me ... what does that mean? We'll never know.
    Most would equate defaced with serial # removed....but that's not what was reported. Embellishing facts is a big issue with cops ... there is no need to embellish facts but they routinely do and when judges catch them doing this the judges never praise them for it.

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    Wait a minute! Hold it! Are you telling me that a criminal broke the law in spite of all the ones that are on the books to prevent this sort of thing from happening?!?!?!?! I dont see how thats possible! With all the rehab programs, and governmental help they get in jail/prison as well as on the outside... I cant believe it. There must be another reason. Oh, there it is. The gun did it. It grabbed the acid/file and removed its own number before it jumped into that poor upstanding young mans hand!

    [/sarcastic rant]

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    The alleged shooter should have still been in jail for his previous crimes.

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    Wonder how much crime would be reduced by not having and time off for good behavior, no parole. 20 years means 7300 days (+/- for leap years), I'd wager a good 60% reduction but that's just a SWAG
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