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Thread: would deadly force be justified here ?

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    would deadly force be justified here ?

    There have been many cases where police have shot and killed people throwing rocks at them and they have been ruled justified.

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    Why do the "victims" of such behavior feel compelled to engage in yelling, name-calling, and otherwise engaging the aggressor(s)? Video the daylights out of their behavior. Use the video to convince the cops - at the scene or later - to bring charges, or go over the cops' heads to the local prosecuter seeking charges be brought. Use the video in a civil suit for damages and costs.

    But egg on the behavior?


    I'm not known to be the calmest, coolest one in the county (or surrounding counties) but I've seen more than enough of what happens with that sort of behavior to know you stand a chance of having the whole episode labled as mutual combat. There's no joy when that happens (even if the cops don't use that phrase).

    stay safe.
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    What a mess! But where were the cops, why were they not there protecting as claimed? When seconds count police are minutes away, maybe longer.
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