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Thread: Looks like they took the whole thing!

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    Looks like they took the whole thing!

    Guess it's important to also firmly attach your gun safe to the house somehow.

    Can't help but wonder what kind of safe it was... a 50 pound cheap-o from Walmart? Hard to imagine it was a several-hundred pound, good quality safe.


    Stafford authorities investigating theft of weapons

    When deputies arrived they spoke with the homeowner who said he had just arrived home and noticed that someone had forced entry into the house through a side door, Kennedy said.

    He said the homeowner checked the house and noticed that a gun safe with several handguns and rifles was missing from one of the bedrooms. He then contacted the Sheriff’s Office.

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    Gotta Attach it

    Sad. Even a Wally WOrld cheapo, if at a min lag bolted to studs would have helped. I'm lucky enough to have cement to anchor mine to. Won't stop everything, but will slow them down,a nd they will have to make ALOT of noise.
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    Well, I hope person or persons involved know they have to do a background check...on themselves. It's not legal, otherwise.

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