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Thread: Edmonton shooting rampage

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    Edmonton shooting rampage

    "Police are investigating what prompted a man to kill six adults and two young children in Edmonton before taking his own life in a horrific rampage described as the western Canadian city's worst mass shooting.

    Scott Pattison, a police spokesman, said the suspect's criminal history indicates it was a case of domestic violence but officials have not yet confirmed the relationship of the victims to the shooter. He said police are waiting for the medical examiner to confirm the identities of all the victims."
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    What the gollywot is wrong with people? When someone kills a child it makes me wish hell was real.
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    Sounds like a long and violent history with the shooter.

    Where he finally said screw it and killed them all then himself.

    Domestic violence can be very nasty some times leading to nasty out comes.

    I responded to hundreds of Domestic violent calls over my career, investigated several domestic violent related murders none with this many victims.

    I heard more then once I did it because I loved him/her so much.

    Child custody, divorce and other relationship problems can bring out the worse in people.
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