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Thread: I-594 Rally For Your Rights

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    I-594 Rally For Your Rights

    Does the passing of I-594 upset you? Do you believe it's unconstitutional? Think that there is nothing that you can do about it? Well, think again!

    We are asking for all patriots to gather for this rally in support to try and do away with I-594.

    For more information, please check out the Facebook event page for Washington Firearms Leadership and Activism Group (WAFLAG)!

    Stand up today for your rights! Let's show them that we will not back down!

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    Don't worry...SAF is suing to "fix" 594 so that only gats are addressed. Fireworks and Ramset charges will be excluded.

    Alan Gottlieb has got your collective backs.
    "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." - Thomas Jefferson.

    "Better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer" - English jurist William Blackstone.
    It is AFAIK original to me. Compromise is failure on the installment plan, particularly when dealing with so intractable an opponent as ignorance. - Nightmare

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    The problem is that it already passed and there is little to no chance of it being repealed no matter how many demonstrations are held. The time to stop it would have been before the election. The problem is the profreedom groups were not organized and ready for this fight when it came to their doorstep.
    It is similar to how we see the "Open Carry is stupid" crowd putting down on us and the guys playing "gun golf" saying "They aren't trying to take my trap/skeet gun so why should I care?". You have a whole bunch of Fudds who are willing to walk an hour into the forest and spend most of a day sitting in a tree stand to kill a deer but won't take a few hours to work to protect the rights of their neighbors.
    Remember people lining up to register weapons and magazines at state police barricks up in New York after the Safe Act was passed? Several members of the NY progun groups tried to walk those lines to hand out pamphlets about the state gun groups who had been fighting to stop the Safe Act. They reported that a large percentage of the people standing in those lines had not even heard of their groups or their efforts to fight the freedom haters. That is inexcusable.
    I'm the President of LOCAL. Last year I sat at gunshow tables in three different cities on several different occasions. I met hundreds of people who did not know of our group or that Louisiana had always been an Open Carry state. I met people who had never heard of our largest state group, La Shooting Association and I (cross my heart, I'm not kidding) spoke to people who didn't even know who the NRA is.
    The time to organize and put up our defenses against these billionaire backed zealots is now. We need to stop with the infighting and division in the ranks.
    We have already seen Bloomberg push enough signatures through in Nevada to get on the ballot in 2015 the same restrictions we saw pass in Washington. They are collecting signatures in Arizona and other states as you read this.
    If you are not already a member of your local/state gun rights group, join now. The NRA is not perfect but they are the big bad dog the Bloombergians point to when passing these bills. IF you are not an NRA member, Join now. Join other groups like Gun Owners of America and SAF. They need the numbers and your donations to help fight Demanding Mothers who will say any lie necessary to convince the clueless public to vote to take your private property rights away.
    After you have joined and donated, sign someone else up. Give memberships as birthday presents. Sign up your spouse and kids. Heck, sign up your dog.
    This fight is coming. Washington has already lost. Nevada is in the crosshairs. Your state may be next. Get off this forum and stop preaching to the choir about what you want to do. Get this out to your family and friends. Ask for time to speak at gatherings such as hobby club meetings or social gatherings.
    I for one have pledged to fight for my rights. I intend to shout from the rooftops against this if I have to.
    Wahsington State gun owners, I am sorry for what has happened to you but you are wasting resources by holding rallies against I-594. Regroup and use your limited resources in a more productive manner. Put your efforts into showing people in other states what happened to you and how easily it can happen to them if they don't learn from your mistakes and get busy NOW.
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    Great post Steve!

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