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Thread: There's a gun in my house; and I'm strrangely OK with that.

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    There's a gun in my house; and I'm strrangely OK with that.

    To quote Instapundit - I'd be very concerned. Concerned about what happened to all the other guns.

    It's nice to find someone going through the process of "getting it".

    stay safe.
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    And zip about the Gestapo actions of the police ... hmmm

    I think the lady missed the main point of the 2nd amendment

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    She's a noob all around. Needs lots of edumicating, but hey - it's a start!

    Just sad that reading her site, I found this little tidbit. In the "first foray" post she wrote, she complained about the pain to her shoulder. No wonder. Any higher with the toe of that stock and it'd clear shred the top of her shoulder and leave a nasty mark.


    Oh and of course, the image is AK.jpg (as in not AR... < sigh > )

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    I decided then and there that I could shoot someone in that situation and I wanted the ability to do it in case a terrorist ever walks through my front door, because merely “sheltering-in-place” isn’t going to protect me from the bad guys. - Paula Bolyard
    Who exactly were going door to door after the bombing? the terrorist(s)?
    "I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." - Thomas Jefferson.

    "Better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer" - English jurist William Blackstone.
    It is AFAIK original to me. Compromise is failure on the installment plan, particularly when dealing with so intractable an opponent as ignorance. - Nightmare

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    Quote Originally Posted by OC for ME View Post
    Who exactly were going door to door after the bombing? the terrorist(s)?
    Quote Originally Posted by Nightmare View Post
    Yes, as it develops.
    +1 Well played...
    I am not anti Cop I am just pro Citizen.

    U.S. v. Minker, 350 US 179, at page 187
    "Because of what appears to be a lawful command on the surface, many citizens, because
    of their respect for what only appears to be a law, are cunningly coerced into waiving their
    rights, due to ignorance." (Paraphrased)

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidmark View Post
    It's nice to find someone going through the process of "getting it".
    Yes it is.

    That's the thing about idealism, though. It's a luxury few can afford.

    Idealism: "I never wanted one in my home and, like a lot of moms, I wanted to raise non-violent children and thought keeping guns out of our home was one way to do that …

    Reality: It doesn't matter whether a bad guy is a terrorist or a criminal. Neither one gives a flying back-flip about your ideals.
    The First protects the Second, and the Second protects the First. OO-RAH!!! Together, they protect the rest of our Bill of Rights and other founding documents.

    As for President Trump, he's getting the job done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by article
    ...My husband, being an experienced marksman, fully endorsed the idea of getting a gun...
    Am I the only one that found that odd?

    Agreed that it is a good direction for her to be taking, and I hope she is getting her training from someone other than her "experienced-marksman"-who-was-living-gun-free husband.
    "It's not important how many people I've killed. What's important is how I get along with the people who are still alive" - Jimmy the Tulip

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