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Thread: Question on Legal Seminar

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    Question on Legal Seminar


    I have been absent from this group recently as I'm trying to build my new company. That said while I was away, I have developed an association with the US Law Shield people. They regularly hold seminars on the legal aspects of gun ownership and carrying taught by a lawyer and usually a LEO. Most of those have been targeted toward the regular CC community. I have approached them about delivering a special event that would be tuned to and address the challenges of our OC community. The seminar is 3 hours and there is a fee of $10 (paid directly to the company before the cutoff date) (BTW, I don't get any of this fee). We are looking at the end of January or the first week of February.

    So, I'm willing and able to host this at my facility in downtown Castle Rock, but I'm trying to get a sense of the following before committing a date. I need to know this as since I'm asking for the event and they are not advertising it, I need to fill the seats.

    1. Are you even interested in an event like this?
    2. Evening or Weekend day (Sat or Sun)? (Would a weekday evening 6p-9p or a Saturday / Sunday 1p-4p work better?)
    3. How many would be attending with you? (Remember you would have to signup & pay on the web before a cutoff date.)

    I need to know ASAP the level of interest in holding this event.

    Please email me your responses to these three questions in the next 24-48 hours. If we get enough interest, I'll post the details here & email the same to everyone that responds to me.

    This is your chance to talk to a lawyer and a cop about OC & the law in Colorado.

    John (jskp229)
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    Yeah in general terms, I'd be interested.

    Weekends work better for me, as I *really* don't want to deal with rush hour traffic on the interstate between the Springs and Castle Rock.

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    I would be distinctly interested in this.

    I would likely have 2-3 others with me.

    I would be commuting from Denver so would likely prefer a weekend day. Traffic is lighter.

    I would still need to know at least two weeks in advance to coordinate with my employer. Yes I often work weekends.

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