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Thread: A great bill for West Virginians who carry...

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    A great bill for West Virginians who carry...

    West Virginia Firearms Act of 2015, aka "WV 3-22 Carry" is a bill that is planning on going through the 2015 legislative process. There are so many goodies in it that any gun owner would love to have. The gist of it is...

    1. No paying the government to put a jacket over your firearm. I.E. you can open or concealed carry in the State of WV without a permit!
    2. Long gun magazines, you know how you hate to keep them unloaded headed to the range? Well this bill will allow you to have them filled (but not attached to the long gun) on the way to the range.
    3. The wording states "any deadly weapon"... for those who are blade fans you'll love that
    4. Public places are NOT prohibited.
    5. Open or concealed in a car or on a motor vehicle: Just fine and dandy!

    (Disclaimer: Though you won't need a concealed permit to travel in the state of WV, if you go to another state you will need a concealed permit)

    For more information and to read up on the rough draft of this bill, check out the WVCDL's Facebook page!

    And also:
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    Do you have a link to the full text?

    stay safe.
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    I think this would be a great step for us. Please call governor Tomblin to voice your support for this bill and urge him to sign. 304-558-2000
    Light up his phone. Please this is very important.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2ndAmendmentMom View Post
    (Disclaimer: Though you won't need a concealed permit to travel in the state of WV, if you go to another state you will need a concealed permit)
    Not completely true - the need for a CC permit is dependent on the laws of the other state.
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    It's a great bill! I have been calling the governor to ask him to sign it.
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