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Thread: SWAT team caught changing address to raid wrong house

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    SWAT team caught changing address to raid wrong house
    On March 9, I-Crack Repair reported the location of the ping to authorities. Police were given the address of 543 Eveningsong Lane in the suburbs of Anaheim Hills. The I-Crack representative also gave the police a screenshot of the address indicated by the “ping.”

    In response to the missing laptop, Anaheim police began a stakeout of the residence at 543 Eveningsong Lane. No activity was observed at 543 Eveningsong, however, Dan Nunley was in his driveway at 539 Eveningsong; he was also putting a license plate on his new car.

    Oddly enough, the representative from I-Crack Repair was on location during the stakeout and informed police that Dan Nunley was not the man in the surveillance footage, nor was it his house which sent the “ping.” The placing of the license plate on his car was simply a coincidence

    So, if this can happen over laptop computer, this can happen to us gun owners too.
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    Oh it WILL happen to gun owners .. my state's governor already said that they will check the registration of AW when responding to a house to see if they match, and then change their response to a noise complaint call...

    Even more reason to prepare....

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