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Thread: An Old Friend get a New Look

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    An Old Friend get a New Look

    A great friend of mine has gotten into Cerakoting recently. He's always looking for folks who want to get a look at the color wheel, and here's the result of mine.

    For a consultation or more info, go to Scorpion High Performance Coating's website, or call (610) 715-2895.

    You can see all the holster wear from drilling and moving around.

    The rear sight's set screw was completely stripped, so we needed to drill it out before we could go to media blasting. I wanted a new set of sights anyway, so I didn't care if we just wrecked the sight in the process

    Media blasting was fun, especially watching all the wear marks disappear right before my eyes.

    Once it was ready for paint, it looked really nice. Bare, brushed stainless steel is a nice color.

    The finished product came out beautifully!

    Scorpion High Performance Coatings.

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    Have the same grips on mine (the only plastic/rubber/polymer on it).
    I prefer "plain" stainless myself, but your 1911 sure looks dressed up now.

    What slide is that next to the Glock slide?
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    Is this an advertisement or sales pitch of some kind? It reads like a commercial.

    Your mileage may vary....

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