First, I'd like to say that I'm not worried about this bill, as it has no chance of passing. This post is more of an FYI or "keeping tabs on the opposition" sort of thing.

SB14 was introduced by my state Senator, Reggie Thomas, of Lexington. He recently replaced Kathy Stein as our senator, in a special election, when she was appointed a judgeship by governor Beshear. However, even though this is a dead bill walking, senator Thomas deserves to be smacked down a bit for this nonsense. I'd encourage people, particularly those in senate district 13, to let him know how they feel about SB14. There's an online email form.

Here's the message I just sent.

Hey Reggie. I'm a constituent and I'm disappointed but not surprised to learn that you are attempting to repeal our laws ensuring that Kentuckians have no duty to retreat in the face of violent crime. You are certainly living down to the standards set by your predecessor, Kathy Stein. Free people have no duty to retreat from criminals. It is often the wisest course of action, but creating a legal requirement to do so encourages violent crime by removing the largest deterrent to crime. Why would you want to do that? I'm not concerned about this bill, because it has a nearly zero chance of passage in the Kentucky General Assembly. I assume you filed the bill to curry favor with the extreme leftist faction that abhors the idea of free people with the right to defend themselves, and prefers the state having a monopoly on the use of force. History is replete with examples of this. Do an online search for genocide or democide for the details. What you probably haven't accurately assessed is the negative political attention this bill could cause for you. It's a rookie mistake. SB14 is wildly unpopular in Kentucky. I seriously doubt you'd enjoy majority support, even in our district, which is one of the few areas of Kentucky where there would be any support at all. At this point, your best political hope lies in this bill languishing in obscurity. If there is much public debate, you will pay the political price for sponsoring such an unpopular bill that runs contrary to what it means to be a Kentuckian. I won't make any particular attempt to call public attention to this embarrassing bill, but I will now actively oppose you in the next election.

Actually, I campaigned for Reggie's opponent, Mike Johnson, in the recent special election. I stayed up all night putting up campaign yard signs 300+ feet from polling locations the night before the election. I think I had a bout of food poisoning. It was cold and I was sick as a dog and miserable. That night dragged on for what seemed like agonizing weeks. The next evening, I picked up the signs after the polls had closed. Also not fun work in the shadow of a major electoral defeat, but at least I had mostly recovered from the food poisoning. Democratic operatives had torn down at least half of the signs. Big Mike never had a chance in Leftington, and now we're stuck with Reggie.