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Thread: AK-47s to be made in America; sanctions donít apply to U.S.-made Kalashnikovs

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    AK-47s to be made in America; sanctions donít apply to U.S.-made Kalashnikovs

    ďWe are not permitted to pick up the phone and to talk to [Kalashnikov Concern],Ē Mr. McCrossin told CNN Tuesday. ďIn the second quarter of this year we are going to start manufacturing here in the U.S. What Iím manufacturing are our own AK-47s and shotguns under the Kalashnikov brand,Ē he added.
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    Presumably they will be manufacturing the WASR (Wassenaar Arrangement Semi-automatic Rifle) variants, not the full select fire AK that has been so popular with military establisments throughout the world.
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    Folks are free to build their own AK too ... not as easy as a AR but not beyond the skills of most.

    And then one can make a AK pistol, rifle, etc...have fun !

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    Folks are free to build their own AK too ... not as easy as a AR but not beyond the skills of most.
    I was of the impression the mechanical linkage of the K was easier, more reliable, and more forgiving than any gas-tube affair, particularly after long, punishing use in the field. In fact, isn't that one of the greatest draws to this weapon?
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    I assume he means building the part that would require government permission to get. Much easy for the lower receiver of an AR.
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    Hmm, if its MADE IN THE USA, then, I MIGHT, just might have to pick one up.

    However, I am still working on my handgun collection of S&Ws first.

    And still it'd probably rank lower than an AR-15, a Rifleman's rifle/flip cock special/Winchester 1892 modified, a M-14, a M-1 Garand...

    but it'd still rank higher than a Ruger Mini-14.
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