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Thread: Why we fght the antis

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    Why we fght the antis

    David Hardy has a new piece in the Thomas M. Cooley Law Review (Western Michigan University).

    An important human aspect of firearms ownership and regulation includes the reluctance of gun owners to consent to measures that, viewed in historical isolation, appear quite limited. This Article debates the compromise between gun owners and restrictive gun legislation and how these restrictions serve no discernible purpose except to make legal firearm ownership as difficult, expensive, and legally risky as possible.
    It may be preaching to the choir over here, but few of us sing in the circles that regularly read law reviews. There are two additional articles in the current edition that focus on

    1) mental health and gun regulations
    [quote[One important issue in this Article is the use of mental-health diagnoses to limit the lawful possession and carry of firearms, whether for self-defense or another purpose. Recently there have been many calls for the disarmament of all “mentally ill” persons. This Article explores current problems, using the author’s clients as examples, and advocates that statutes and regulations should clearly distinguish between mental illness and danger to oneself or others.[/quote]


    2) "assault"* rifles in gun violence
    Gun control alone can never eliminate all gun violence. This Article discusses today’s gun-violence problem and the role of assault rifles in mass shootings. And the common thread among mass shooters is more often untreated mental illness, not use of “assault” rifles.
    * - Hooray for the use of scare quotes around the word /assault/!

    If nothing else this "proves" (published in a peer-reviewed joirnal of national reputation) what we have been saying pretty much all along.

    I hope that after reading these three atricles you grab some decent quotes and fire off a Letter to the Editor that cites that the conclusions were made by Learned Men Greatly Respected By Their Peers.

    stay safe.
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    There will always be "the most dangerous gun" right?

    Compromise to me = antis holding their breath for 10 minutes, then we can talk

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