Back in September of 2014 I wrote an article entitled Gun rights restoration is a state-by-state process.

In that article I demonstrated that generally, “a gun-rights restoration in a given state only allows you to purchase, possess, and transport firearms in that state.”

I believe it is safe to say that article generated more phone calls from concerned clients than any other single article I have ever written.

The most common conversation went something like this:

Client: “I had my rights restored in Virginia 15 years ago.”

Me: “Ok. That removes both your Virginia and federal prohibitions.”

Client: “And I have a Virginia concealed handgun permit.”

Me: “Good.”

Client: “And the Virginia permit is recognized in North Carolina.”

Me: “Yes it is.”

Client: “And I assumed I could carry in North Carolina.”

Me: “Ummm …. no you cannot!”

While legislation inVirginia cannot do anything about making other states recognize our rights restoration process, we can take steps to codify the requirements for rights restorations from other states to be recognized in the Commonwealth.

Delegate Webert’s bill HB 2286 does just that. It removes Virginia’s prohibition on firearms ownership for those felons “whose right to possess firearms or ammunition has been restored under the law of another state or political subdivision thereof.”

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