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Thread: Lexington homeowner argued, flashed gun in dispute over trash pickup, worker says

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    Lexington homeowner argued, flashed gun in dispute over trash pickup, worker says


    LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Lexington police are investigating a report that a homeowner pulled out a gun on a Rumpke garbage man during a dispute about trash that was on the ground.

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    Not guilty.

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    "A Rumpke employee told WKYT a homeowner was upset because the trash company does not pick up trash that is on the ground."
    I'd be surprised if it were otherwise. It's the customer's responsibility to put trash in the receptacle and the collector's job to empty the receptacle into the truck. If it were the collector's job to pick up loose trash then no one would bother putting it in the receptacle in the first place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by davidmcbeth View Post
    Not guilty.
    Not guilty of what?

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