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Thread: Michael Bloomberg-backed 'Everytown' forced to retract claims about gun dealers

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    Michael Bloomberg-backed 'Everytown' forced to retract claims about gun dealers

    Everytown for Gun Safety, a gun control group financed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, has gone into mea culpa mode for claims it made about firearms dealers that turned out to be wrong — and that may lead at least one to file a lawsuit.

    The group issued a report a few days ago that said more than 1,000 online gun ads in Vermont were posted by unlicensed dealers and therefore, leading potential buyers to bypass background checks. But Everytown for Gun Safety wrongly identified 49 dealers.

    At least one misidentified Vermont dealer — Bobby Richards, owner and operator of CrossFire Arms in Mount Holly — is threatening a lawsuit 13 articles ATM
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    Quote Originally Posted by JTHunter View Post
    I wish him luck but I'm afraid Bloomnut's legal snakes will bury him (or anybody else so inclined) in all kind of mumbo-jumbo and paperwork.
    Mumbo-jumbo. lol

    But the law is the law and facts is facts. If the guy can prove that he has been defamed per se then he'll win something. If he has to prove he was defamed and it cost him business then he'll win something.

    How much he'll win is always a crap shoot but its about a gun shop so suing in a normally plaintiff friendly venue like a big city may not result in a great reward and suing in a rural venue where it is not a plaintiff friendly venue is also not a great option.

    Either way...decision for jury v. judge trial is tricky on this one.

    I don't see this a defamation per se .... so the ffl will have to show a loss in business.

    My guess: no lawsuit will be filed.

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