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Thread: Wisconsin concealed-carry permit[sic] applications slowing but still strong,

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    Wisconsin concealed-carry permit[sic] applications slowing but still strong,

    Wisconsin residents continue to seek and obtain licenses to carry concealed guns, submitting more than 37,000 applications in 2014, the third full year after concealed carry was approved, according to report released Tuesday. early 34,000 were issued permits, raising the total number in Wisconsin to 242,488, according to an annual report from the Department of Justice.
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    The state also revoked 860 permits, nearly 400 simply because the holder no longer lives in Wisconsin. The second most common reason for revocation was unlawful use of a controlled substance, which can be any type of minor drug use offense. The same federal prohibition is a reason often cited by prosecutors who argue against the return of guns — seized in Milwaukee under a variety of circumstances — to their otherwise lawful owners. The state revoked 156 permits for that reason. Twenty four revocations were because the permit holders were involuntarily committed for mental health treatment, or found guilty of a crime by reason of mental disease or defect. Other revocations were for convictions, domestic abuse, harassment restraining orders, noncitizen status or other reasons.


    From the graphic, 860 revoked is newsworthy, maybe exceptional.
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    The best I can read they are also counting the 4,444 returned for mistakes, as well as the 1045 with mismatched DoT info as non issues. Basically, they just don't talk about them, but I would suspect many if not most of the 4444 at least, we're issued.

    It might be that it just didn't happen until the following year, so it's legit, but I doubt it. Gotta love the press.

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