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Thread: Open carry gun group slams NFL for censorship of Super Bowl safety ad

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    Open carry gun group slams NFL for censorship of Super Bowl safety ad

    The U.S. Concealed Carry Association [my emphasis] reported that the NFL repeatedly rejected a firearms safety print ad the group wanted to run in the Super Bowl program, and now one member — Kevin Michalowski, who edits Concealed Carry Magazine — is crying censorship. he ad shows a man with his kids and the text: “Are You Doing Everything in Your Power to Keep Your Loved Ones Safe? 18 Proven Strategies for Protecting Your Family,” with the accompanying www.DefendThemNow link, ... Concealed Carry Association is billing it now as the “ad the NFL did not want you to see,” because of its repeated rejection “without comment,”

    LOL Spinned lede for click-bait? BWAHAHA Where's Emily Miller when we need her?
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    Nothing here related to open carry - lots of CC.
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